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Kurt Donald Cobain was born 20th February 1967 in Hoquaim 140 km’s west of Seattle.
His mother was a cocktail waitress and his Father was an Auto mechanic.
Kurt was always a happy child until his parents got divorced at the age of seven, he said that he never felt loved or secure from that day on. Also his parents traumatic split had a lot of impact to do with Nirvana’s songs. After his parents split he found himself going back and forth from different relatives. One time he was even homeless and lived under a bridge.

When Kurt was 11 him and his friend Krist Novoselic were inspired by the Sex pistols, most of their songs have similar sound and have the same musical and lyrical quality.
In high school Kurt wasn’t a very popular person because of his artistry and poor attitude, He even got beaten up by “jocks” he got even with them by spraying QUEER on there pick up trucks.
Kurt was in a number of bands before Nirvana came to be in 1986.
In 1988 Nirvana was in shows and had demo tapes going around. By 1989 Nirvana recorded their 1st album called Bleach.
In 1991 a British company called Geffen bought their contract. Two and a half years later their 1st CD was released they also released Nevermind.
Smells like teen spirit was the most popular song by Nirvana, Nevermind went on to sell 10 million copies and made 550 million American dollars. These meaning that Nirvana were overnight millionaires. Kurt was shocked and wasn’t ready for the life style.
In the early 90’s Kurt started to use heroin, he said he used it as a shield against the rigorous demands of touring and to stop the pain of stomach ulcers or an irritated bowel.
Kurt was distressed to find out what he wrote and what people thought it meant. He was appalled to find out that two men sung Polly as they raped a young girl when Polly was an anti rape song. He later appealed to fans on the Incesticide liner notes "If any of you don't like gays or women or blacks, please leave us the fuck alone."
In 1992 went to Hawaii and married Courtney Love who was already pregnant with his daughter, shortly after there daughter, Frances Bean Cobain was born.
In early 1993 In Utero was released and made its way up to the top spot of the charts, the music press called this Cobain’s most passionate work, it was a lot more open about personal things with Kurt to do with his marriage and his struggles in life.
In 1993 Nirvana made a film called unplugged this was to honour bands that had influenced them. Many people thought Kurt to be talentless and when he was to sing the intense vocals of “Where did u sleep last night” it shut a lot of people up and they thought differently.
Rumours had it that this was going to be there last, as Nirvana was splitting up.
Kurt had always been a gun fanatic and had a lot in his possession he also had a number confiscated off of him.
In 1993-94 Nirvana were going for a twenty-concert tour. But Kurt developed throat problems and their schedule was interrupted. While recovering from his throat problem he flew to Rome to meet his wife who was also preparing her own band (HOLE) for a tour. On March 4th Kurt was rushed to hospital in a coma what has been said to be an unsuccessful suicide attempt, he took 50 painkillers with champagne. It was officially called and accident and some of his close friends didn’t even know about it.
A couple of days later he went home to Seattle. Kurt was still very unhappy and in great distress as he was on a detox plan according to a file Kurt was only on the plan for a few days before he packed it in.
On the 5th of April Kurt Cobain went into a small room above the garage and ended it all. His body was found by an electrician who peered trough a window and 1st mistook it for a mannequin, until he noticed a patch of blood that had came out of Kurt’s ear. When police arrived at the scene they found Kurt with the shotgun still close to his chin and a suicide note wrote in red pen. It was written to his Boddah, his love and Frances Bean. Two days after his body was found 5000 people gathered in Seattle for a candle lit vigil. The crowd filled the air with profane chants, burnt there shirts and fought with police. They also listened to a tape read by Courtney Love as she read bits from his suicide note. Kurt Donald Cobain was only 27 and lives on in people’s hearts till this day.

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