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Easy subjects of metal music we think can be separated from one super group that is very loved in the final top-80 to mid 90's; Metallica. Metal bands from USA, which reached the peak in his career after releasing the album that contains the Black-hits hits cool Enter Sandman, Sad But True, The Unforgiven, Nothing else Matters. Unfortunately, I can she is Black album is anti-climax of his career Metallica. Rilisan2 post-Black Album Metallica muddy scene in the world metal scene. This berimbas in popularity and album sales.

Changes style music has been the cause of the declining popularity of Metallica in the Zagat metal world. Exploration, ekspreimen and try to adjust the taste of the music market make them no longer a first again. Create personal histories, she more like Metallica music when they awal2 career where they play music and sekasar as soon as possible and as if without compromise. Seek and Destroy, Creeping Death, Fade to Black is the favorite tracks some way.
2008 Metallica is back to try to reach success in the metal scene when the world scene
announced they will release a new album which is a studio album to their nine. According to the plan this album will be released in September with the title Death Magnetic. Gradually Metallica announced anything in regard to this album through the Internet that begins with the release of the plan, album titles, cover artworks and judul2 last song in the album Death Magnetic this.

But I think this is a stroke of marketing strategy where Metallica fans from all over the world curious and created fierce debate in forum2 music on the internet with the central theme will be like if Metallica albums in their nine-to-this?

And she is honest when this matter will be curious to above. Since their music is a first again, she plainly lazy to follow developments concerning Metallica. But now with the bustle of the metalhead from all over the world ngeributin concerning this new album Metallica would not want my life she is also curious.

Mostly I can just hope that the new Metallica album Grammy can be a marker they come back to fitrahnya as a metal band. Borrowing a term metalhead in one of the forum "Bring the metal back to its root!"
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