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Deep Purple

This composition of the Solid Deep Purple
1. Roger Glover (Bass)
2. Richie Blackmore (guitar)
3. Jon Lord (Keyboard)
4. Ian Gillan (Vocal)
5. Ian Piace (Drum)
Formed in Hertford in 1968, Deep Purple were originally called Roundabout. The original line-up featured Ritchie Blackmore, Rod Evans, Nick Simper, Jon Lord and Ian Paice.
The band’s debut album, ‘Shades of Deep Purple’, didn’t catch the attention of the UK, but in American they landed a top five hit with ‘Hush’.
The albums ‘The Book of Taliesyn’ and ‘Deep Purple’ followed but, as the band’s ambitions were growing, their American label folded. Evans and Simper left the band and Ian Gillan and Roger Glover took their places, marking the first of many line-up changes.

‘Deep Purple in Rock’ heralded the beginning of the group's commercially successful period. After the success of 'In Rock' and 'Fireball' the band decided on a European location to record their next album. They chose The Casino in Montreux in Switzerland only to see it burn down the night before recording was to begin. Out of the ashes of the Casino however was to come their most memorable song and their most successful album ever. With smoke literally wafting over the water of lake Geneva the band took up residence in the Grand Hotel and in the swiftly converted corridors and cupboards of the deserted Hotel recorded the album that was to become their tour de force. The multi-platinum ‘Machine Head’, reached the U.S. Top Five in 1972.

Gillian and Glover later left the band while David Coverdale and Glenn Hughes were recruited for 1974's ‘Burn’. After finishing 1974's Stormbringer, Blackmore left the band to form Rainbow.

Deep Purple broke-up in 1976 and it wasn’t until 1984 that the classic line-up of Blackmore, Gillan, Lord, Glover and Paice reunited for the platinum selling ‘Perfect Strangers’ album. Throughout the 90s the band continued in one form or another and the release of several archival releases and box-set collections have helped keep their fan base happy.

Shades of Deep Purple - 1968
The Book of Taliesyn - 1969
Deep Purple - 1969
Deep Purple in Rock - 1970
Fireball - 1971
Machine Head - 1972
Who Do We Think We Are - 1973
Burn - 1974
Stormbringer - 1974
Come Taste the Band - 1975
Mk IIb Perfect Strangers - 1984
The House of Blue Light – 1987
Slaves & Masters - 1990
The Battle Rages on - 1993
Purpendicular - 1996
Abandon - 1998
Bananas – 2003

Live Albums
Inglewood - Live at the Forum
Concerto for Group & Orchestra
Kneel & Pray
Deep Purple in Concert
Space Vol. 1 & 2
Live in Denmark
Gemini Suite Live
Scandinavian Nights (Stockholm) = Live & Rare
Made in Japan = Live in Japan
Live in Japan
California Jamming = Live at the California Jam
Just Might Take Your Life
Perks & Tit
Live in London
Made in Europe
Live in Paris 1975
Last Concert in Japan
This Time Around
King Biscuit Flower Hour = On the Wings of a Russian Foxbat
In the Absence of Pink (Knebworth '85)
Nobody's Perfect
Live & Rare - The Bootleg Collection 1984-2000 (12CD Box)
Live at the Olympia '96
Total Abandon - Live in Australia
Live at the Royal Albert Hall
Live At The Rotterdam Ahoy
The Soundboard Series (12CD Box)

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